Tirunelveli Railway StationTirunelveli is also referred as Nellai. It is an important city in the state Tamil Nadu, India. It is the sixth largest city in Tamil Nadu. It is more than three thousand years old.

Tirunelveli is viewed as Tamil Nadu’s model. It is a historic place with a large number of temples and worship places. It is popular for its geological traits and vast landscape like rivers and waterfalls, soaring mountains, low terrains, dense mountainous and interior woodlands, beaches, rivers, productive land, waterfalls and a variety of wildlife and plants with wildlife sanctuaries. In India, the Nellaiappar Temple is considered as the largest Shiva temple. It is situated in Tirunelveli. You do not have to worry about accommodation or food. There are alot of options like lodges, rental homes and mansion to stay in Tirunelveli. Most of the lodges are reasonably priced. It is best to research completely about the town through websites like Tirunelveli, Wikipedia or Maps of India. This way, you can gain alot of information about people, culture, food habits and overall town.

Tirunelveli is a popular tourist spot after Kodaikanal, Chennai and Ooty in Tamil Nadu, India. The popular temple town is mostly visited by religious travellers and history explorers. Tirunelveliis situated at the south most edge of Deccan plateau. It is home to different variety of fauna and flora because of its coastal and natural surroundings. Here listing some of the must visit places in Tirunelveli.

Nellaiappar Temple: Nellaiappar Temple in TirunelveliIt is a popular Hindu god Shiva temple. It has been mentioned in the ancient Puranas. Muluthukanda Rama Pandiyan constructed Nellaiappar temple. The remaining portions are constructed by Nindraseer Nedumaran. When you see the whole temple building, you will find the basic style derived from the Dravidian Architecture. One of the marvelous features of the temple is the musical pillars.

SankaranarayananKoil: Sankaranarayanan KoilSankaranayanankoil is a large temple constructed for Hindu God Shiva. It is almost nine hundred years old. Sankaranarayanan is the major deity here. It is said to be a combined version of Vishnu and Shiva. The gopuram of the temple is tall and massive. It has nine tiers and remains one hundred and thirty feet in height. It is best to visit the temple during Adi Tapas festival. This festival is celebrated between July and August months.

Papanasam: PapanasamPapanasam is a popular picnic destination in Tirunelveli. It is not only visited by the locals but also by tourists all over India. It is a small town surrounded by thick green paddy fields. It houses one hundred and eight varieties of medicinal herbs. These herbs are rare variety and cannot be found at any place in the world. Papanasam houses several waterfalls, rivers and dams. It is a popular tourist spot and home to numerous species of wandering birds. If you visitTirunelveli, ensure to visit Papanasam. The Manjolai Hills is a must visit place in Papanasam. You can see beautiful views of nearby landscapes.

Venkatachalapathy Temple: Venkatachalapathy Temple in Krishnapuram village tirunelveliIt is situated in the Krishnapuram village. It is one of the popular temples in Tirunelveli. The temple area is said to be nine thousand years old. However, the structure and design look like it is seven hundred years old. It is decorated with brightly shaded gopuram. It is one among the few temples built for Lord Venkatachalapthy who is in the form of Hindu God Lord Vishnu.

Ulagamman Temple: ulagamman temple tenkasiIt is located in South Kasi or Tenkasi. It is a popular temple constructed by Pandya Kings. It is said that Ullagamman temple’s massive gopuram is the second biggest in Tamil Nadu. It is constructed in the unique PandiyanDravidian elegance of architecture. Just like other Dravidian temples, it has beautiful musical pillars that are carved intricately. KasiVisvanathan is the main god in the temple. It is said that it is the form of Shiva- Hindu deity.

Kuttralam: KuttralamIt is popularly referred as Southern India’s spa. Kuttralamis situated towards the Western Ghats. Several perennial rivers initiate from this area. It is the reason the town is rich with different kinds of fauna and flora than other towns. As there are numerous waterfalls, the area attracts a large number of travellers and tourists every year. It is best to visit Kuttralam between January and April. When you are visiting Shenbagadevi falls, ensure to visit Shenbagadevi Amman temple. It is the major highlight of this region.

Mundanthurai Tiger: Mundanthurai TigerIt is the biggest protected tiger reserve forest in the Tamil Nadu. It is home to large range of fauna and flora that includes several species like mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and endemic birds. It has been given the name MundanthuraiTiger since it houses a large number of Royal Bengal Tiger.

Shopping in Tirunelveli: No one would wish to complete their trip without shopping. If you do so, you will find something incomplete at the end of trip. Tirunelveli is popular throughout India for alarge range of items like earthenware, ornaments, handicrafts, carpets, fabrics and local gift items. If you are searching for best handicraft items in Tirunelveli, you need to visit Poombuhar Handicraft Emporium. Some of the other shopping areas include Curaisi Shopping Center and Kavitha Shopping Center. Popular buys in this place include trinklets manufactured with clay, shells and timber and gold and silver ornaments.

Language spoken: People in Tirunelveli speak English and Tamil.

Nearest railway junction: Tirunelveli Junction is the nearest railway junction.

I am sure you will find Tirunelveli an amazing destination for your summer vacation. I am a native of Tirunelveli and have offered the best details to help you while travelling.

Deepavali FestivalDeepavali is popularly referred as festival of lights. It is celebrated in a grand manner in India. Followers of Sikhism, Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism see several customs associated to Deepavali. It is a five mega festival marked by several festivities and rituals. To make the day more special, people will clean and paint the house to get a new look. I enjoy celebrating Deepavali with my family and friends. I love to celebrate in a traditional way. Websites like Deepavali, Diwalifestival.org and time and date offers great information about Deepavali.

The best part of Deepavali is purchasing new clothes, gifts, dry fruits and sweets. It is an awesome feeling to share gifts with friends and relatives. During Deepavali, lots of new and latest products will arrive in market. It is the best shopping season. You can purchase branded and expensive items at reasonable price. You can purchase for your entire family by using the offers, vouchers and gift coupons.

How people celebrate Deepavali? people celebrate DeepavaliDeepavali celebration will last for five days. Most people decorate their workplaces and homes with small clay lamps or tiny electric lights. Moreover, they float flowers and candles on water as part of decoration. It would look beautiful to see the entire decoration on the day of Deepavali. One side there will be sounds of crackers and another side houses flooded with sweets and gifts. If family members are working or settled in abroad, they ensure to join with their family on the day of Deepavali. It is the best moment where you can click pictures with lot of smiles, happiness and colourful lights. Each person’s face will look happy and blessed. Many people will take lot of efforts to clean and neat their yards and homes before Deepavali. They also ensure to wash themselves using fragrant oils and water. They wear new clothes and offer sweets to guests and family members, business associated and close friends.

Beautiful fireworks will be set up in the evening. Large fairs will be held in villages and towns. Deepavali is celebrated on various dates by people belonging to different region. They follow the traditional lunar calendar. It is interpreted in various ways. For instance, in Tamil Nadu, Deepavali is celebrated according to the Tamil month called aipasi.

Public life DeepavaliBanks, post offices and government offices remain closed during Deepavali. It will be closed throughout the country. Organizations, businesses and stores remain closed or reduce their working hours during Deepavali. If you are planning to use public transport on Deepavali, you need to check whether it is available. It will change according to the public transit schedules.

Deepavali is a great time of excitement and happiness. It is marked by smell of tasty food and aroma of various agarbatti, dhoop and chandan. These items are used for special poojas. Deepavali will remain incomplete if you do not use those items. People will light every corner of their house. They will surround the entire area with electric bulbs, candles and diyas. It helps in creating a bright and propitious ambience. It is believed that it helps to share light of knowledge as well as save us from obscurity of ignorance.

DeepavaliDeepavali is not a new festival. It is celebrated for more than one hundred years. It is the grandest and biggest festivals for Hindu throughout the world. Do you know the reason for celebrating Deepavali? Well, the myth or story of Deepavali varied from one region to another. It is celebrated to remark the return of Ram after living in the forest for fourteen years. He has been living with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana for about fourteen years. His return and success over Ravanaare celebrated as Deepavali. It means good always win the evil. It is the reasons homes are filled with lights over darkness. Lakshmi Pujais celebrated along with Deepavali. To please goddess of wealth, homes will be sanitized and cleaned. Lakshmi puja occupies the major part of Deepavali celebration. People pray and welcome Lakshmi into their homes. It is done to impress Lakshmi so that she showers joy and prosperity to followers throughout the year. Most Hindu business people see Deepavali as the beginning of their year. It is almost like New Year for them. Most business owners start accounting or recording account books on the day of Deepavali. [caption id="attachment_436" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Diwali Puja Vidhi - Narak Chaturdashi Puja - Diya and Ganesh Lakshmi Puja Vidhi Diwali Puja Vidhi - Narak Chaturdashi Puja - Diya and Ganesh Lakshmi Puja Vidhi[/caption] Some people have a belief that Deepavali is celebrated to remark the wedding of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi. Deepavali is celebrated in different ways in different places. In Bengal, people worship Goddess Kali on Deepavali. She offers power and strength to people to fight injustice. During Deepavali¸ it is also necessary to worship the elephant God – Ganesha. The first day is called as Dhanteras. Most people follow ancient traditions to make this day special. They paint and clean homes and their workplaces. They will decorate the homes with beautiful and large rangoli designs. It will be coloured brightly. It is performed to welcome friends and family members. Choti Diwali is the name of second day of Deepavali. It is the day where the good has won the evil. It is celebrated to mark triumph and victory. The third day is the most important day. It is referred as Lakshmi Puja. The entire house will be decorated with lamps, lights and candles. It is done to greet Goddess Lakshmi. She is the personification of opulence and wealth. On the fourth day, GovarthanParvatpuja will take place. Bhai Dooj is the fifth day of Deepavali celebration.

Relaxation Massage Therapy in IndiaMost people have a thinking that relaxation massage is meant only for relaxation. I am an experienced Spa and Massage therapist at Chennai River Day Spa. Whenever I meet my clients, I explain them the benefits and method of offering relax massage. It helps to client to feel fresh and energetic. If you are leading a stressful life with lot of thoughts and tensions in mind, you need to visit the best massage clinics like River Day Spa, Olive Ayurvedic Center or Center Point Massage. It is recommended to get massage and spa services from experienced professionals. Due to massage service popularity, there are several clinics and centers operating in Chennai. You need to check whether you are visiting a genuine and reliable massage center.

The relaxation massage treatment is complex procedure. It involves the following procedure. Long smooth sliding strokes that are flowing and rhythmic. Deeply relaxing pressure will be given throughout the body. It will not remain painful. The treatment will be designed to relax and soothe you. It is not given to relieve any serious ailments or chronic pain. The massage therapist will ask you whether you have medical condition or suffering from severe pain. The massage therapist will ensure to give you treatment in a pleasing room environment. It includes warm luxurious towels, soothing music, cool ambience and use of natural essential oils to improve the massage effects and environment.

What are the advantages of relaxation massage? advantages of relaxation massageJust like other massage, the relaxation massage effects last for some days after the treatment. It offers the following benefits. Relieves stress: Stress has become a universal condition. If you do not take action in quick time, it can become a major issue. Some of the symptoms of stress include social withdrawal, under or overeating, alcohol or drug use, tobacco use, angry outbursts, depression or sadness, restlessness, lack of focus or motivation, anger or irritability, anxiety, chest pain, headache, etc.

One of the top priorities for all of us is taking care of our body. Most people stress and strain their body but they do not show importance. When you get a relaxation massage from a leading therapist, you will look and feel healthy. It helps to improve your state and vitality of mind. Apart from stress relief, the massage therapy helps to improve overall mental and physical performance, increase energy levels and reduce pain. www.franklinmassagecenter.com offers amazing massage experience for their clients. Experienced professionals will customize your massage after knowing individual needs.

Encourages relaxation: Encourages relaxationWhen you are nearing a work deadline or stuck up in office, your body would produce unhealthy hormones. If the stress hormone is accumulated in high level, it can result in digestive problems, headaches and sleeplessness. The massage therapy helps to reduce the accumulated cortisol in your body. It helps your body to enter into recovery and rest mode. The effect continues even after the massage treatment. You will experience feelings like improved mood, lowered stress and relaxation. It enhances creative and calm thinking. It promotes relaxed status of mental alertness. It reinforced apositive attitude. Massage therapy improves mental outlook and you can handle pressure better than before.

Lowers blood pressure: Lowers blood pressureHigh blood pressure is one of the dangerous medical conditions. It does cause any symptoms. It is the reason it is termed as ‘silent killer.’ High blood pressure has chances to affect both men and women. One of the best ways to lower your blood pressure level is massage therapy. It is a natural treatment. You do not need to take medicines. When you go for constant massage treatment, you can see decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It helps to decrease urinary and salivary cortisone stress hormone heights. It reduces the sources of hostility, anxiety and depression along with other benefits.

Other benefits of relaxation massage includes; relaxation massage BenefitsImproves Rehabilitation especially after injury Improves post-operative rehabilitation Strengthens your immune system Relieves headaches Promotes easier and deeper breathing Improves range of motion and flexibility Relaxes muscles Improves circulation Improves posture Improvements in stress associated symptoms If you are taking treatment for any other medical condition, you can experience enhancement to immune system Development in gastrointestinal motility. (If you are experiencing problems with bowel movements, you will find it regular after massage therapy). Improvement to appearance and skin tone. Development in peripheral circulation.

How to find a relaxation massage therapist? Different therapist offers relaxation massage in different ways. It is best to consult a therapist who practices stone therapy, holistic massage, Swedish massage or Ayurvedic massage. All these come under relaxation massage treatment. The best part is you will get soothing and calming massage within the spa environment.

There are several massage therapist in city. It is important to select an experienced and reputed therapist in the industry. Is it possible to find them by price, credentials or business name? Cost is an important factor but still you should not rely on cost completely.

relaxation massage theraphy in IndiaFirst, you need to decide what kind of relaxation massage therapy you require. Some people will feel comfortable to visit spa since they get lot of extras and frills. However, you need to pay additional cost for the extras they offer. The cost of the extras will be indirectly added to your massage package. It is also recommended to visit exclusive massage therapy center. The establishment will look comfortable, clean and well designed. Any people entering such establishment will feel comfortable immediately as they get settled. Such professional centers will charge reasonable price than regular beauty centers. It is recommended to visit day spas for best results.

Construction TechnologyTwo decades ago, companies were teaching employees regarding usage of email features. The employees did not know how to send and receive email. The companies were using large desktops to gather information. But now, the scenario is completely changed. Everything is performed through internet. It is hard to see employees without computer knowledge. Moreover, it is simple to get information faster than before. You can large information at a high rate. Technology has changed several complex tasks. People are using internet to make money, market their business or create a strong business reputation. Construction companies are using future technologies in various forms. Companies like Besten, C and G constructions and A.P. Constructions are some companies that make use of future technology in best way.

The construction industry has completely changed in the last fifteen years. There are lot of changes and new developments in this field. The architects, contractors and engineers can see the output before they start or complete the project. Bulky machinery, pens and paper are replaced by automated equipment and digital plan rooms. If you have a construction company, you can think the changes and developments happened in the last ten years. I am sure, as a business owner you can feel and see lot of changes in construction industry. Have you ever imagined how construction industry would remain in the next fifty years? Hope you should be feeling scary.

At present, we are using and expiring a mind blowing technology. It was not present in the last ten years. It works beyond our level of imagination and dream. There are several technologies suitable for construction, engineering and architecting industry.

Imaging: 3D holographic picturesYou should have seen 3D images or movies earlier. You would wear face masks or 3D glasses to see movies. Do you know about the latest holographic 3D images? The Defense Department is ordering holographic prints for years. It is purchased from a company named Zebra Imaging that is located in Austin Texas. The holographic print looks like black plastic poster board. When you use LED flashlight and cover the light, the images that have been lasered will come alive. It is used by Defense Department. They prepare the soldiers to fight while they are preparing to walk inside the cities and terrain. The soldiers would walk into the streets and buildings of Afghanistan or Iraq before they arrive. They will be walking through 3D holographic pictures of buildings and streets.

Systems like BIM and CAD is incorporated into 3D imagery. Though 3D imaging is expensive, it is valuable. It helps to improve project proposals, soliciting investors and board meetings. These holographic images would allow workers, architects and contractors to see and collaborate on a particular project without huge scalable models. You do not have purchase or install appropriate software to see the file.

Green buildings: Green BuildingsIn the present scenario, it is important to construct a building with sustainable energy sources and green retentions. Though the initial price of construction would be high, the owners can enjoy long term benefits. Most people think that it is expensive than traditional homes and leave this option. Green buildings remain safe and secure for your family in various ways. The investment is one time and you do not have to spend on monthly basis. For example, if you are purchasing a traditional refrigerator or less star rated air conditioner, you have to pay extra energy cost. It will reflect on monthly basis. But when you purchase five star rated appliances, you would not be paying highly energy cost throughout its lifetime. It is good to design a building with LEED certification. It is useful for individuals who are working or living in the building and to environment that edges the facility.

Green Building ConstructionsThere are several processes involved in green buildings. It ranges from design and implementation to construction of green building. The building engineers will re-establish to add green building and green technology techniques. www.ksv.co.in is an experienced building contractor who assists in constructing green buildings.

If you want to construct a green building, you have to check the location of your building. It helps in creating a beautiful and efficient design. The contractors will focus on position of nearby building and location of sun. These details will help in constructing a building with maximum light. Natural lighting is important as it helps to keep workers and resident fresh and awake. Apart from this, design is important. The contractor will check the shading to maintain the building in lighted position. It helps to keep your air conditioning expenses down. The walls and ceiling should have highly effective and valuable insulation. It helps to keep air conditioning and natural heating in, reduce the number of running HVAC system of the building and save money in energy expenses.

Roof garden in IndiaRoof garden is the latest and upcoming green design trends in the market. If the building is heavily populated or it is tall in size, the roof garden helps to maintain natural environment though you live in a busy city environment. It is the best way to expand your roof’s lifestyle. Moreover, you can avoid runoff of excess water by diverting it through roof garden. Some latest rooftop additions include wind turbines and solar panels. It helps in generating electricity. You can power the entire building and as well several blocks within the community.

You need to use materials that have LEED certification guidelines. You can also use recycled materials to cut down construction expenses.

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