Crystal healing has been used to treat different ailments. It has also been used to free the physical, mental and spiritual blocks of a body. The method is not new. It has been used for thousands and thousands of years as it was introduced to us by ancient civilizations. Today we explore the unique properties of four crystals and how they help to heal the different energies of life.

• The turquoise crystal is used for healing. Known to be the energy bridge that connects heaven and earth, the stone is a master healer. When given as a gift to someone, the healing properties of the crystal increase by a magnitude. Besides being used to heal ailments, turquoise is also known to be the stone of communication. It enables a person to speak the truth because it is the highest source of love. In ancient civilization, the blue-tinged crystal was also given as a good luck charm to protect and guard the wearer.

• When a person wants a gem that safeguards them from unwanted energy then smoky quartz is the right choice. The crystal is said to transmute bad and negative energy. Therefore, when worn it forms a protective field around the person. The hazy colored stone is also known to release any stagnant energy in the body. When the old, blocked energy is released, it makes space for new power. This breath of fresh energy gives hope to the wearer. Thus, smoky quarts helps a person let go of archaic patterns and beliefs that may be holding them back from achieving greatness.


• To keep the life force of an individual strong one needs to keep the blood and energy in the body flowing smoothly and in pink of health. The Bloodstone crystal is the stone that ensures this. In previous eras, the stone was worn to purify the blood as an amulet. Today, the gem is a prominent energizer. It is worn to remove negative thoughts, lethargy and self-doubt. It is also worn to improve enthusiasm, drive and emotional happiness. In a gist, bloodstone provides you with positive energy that maintains your well-being.

• When you want to cultivate a love that is unconditional, then Rose Quartz is the crystal you need. The stone is said to open the heart and heal its energy. By emitting vibrations of compassion, love and beauty, the rock drives a person to forgive others and oneself. The feel-good crystal is meant to nurture the most potent source in our existence, i.e., love. It supports the quest for finding true love which is the love for oneself.

These were just four crystals we discussed here. There are many others found in nature, and each can promote goodness in one way or the other. It is because they are unearthed in nature that they help a person connect and link with the healing energy of the planet. Wearing a crystal makes a person more balanced and relaxed. The only relevant point is to know which gem to wear for what issue.

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