Aromatherapy is an age old form of alternative medicine that seeks to improve a man’s health, function or mood through the use of aroma. Aromatherapy uses essential oils in its operation. Essential oils are liquids extracted from plants. These oils would usually contain the scent or the essence of the plant. Now, to use these oils for aromatherapy, they need to be dispersed into the air. They need to fill a room and be experienced by someone undergoing aromatherapy. For the oil to be dispersed properly, you would need an aromatherapy diffusers. Aromatherapy diffuser changes these oils into molecules that can float freely in the air. These freely floating oil molecules can then be breathe in and do its wonders. Some aromatherapy diffusers use a small pump to convert oils into aroma. This device s called an atomizer.

Now, if the scent of the oil is strong enough, you may just use a cotton ball. Just dip the cotton ball in the oil and place the cotton ball in a small bowl and let the scent permeate the room. There you have your very own, simple, hand-made aromatherapy diffuser. Other people use candles. These oils are mixed in with the wax they use to create the candle. When you light the candle, and as the candle burn on, it emits the scent of the oil that was added to the wax. This aromatherapy diffuser is the most common type used by a lot of people. Oftentimes, people undergoing aromatherapy feel that the scent has already died down, this is not so. Your senses has simply gotten used to the aroma. The aroma is still there, it’s just that you can no longer smell them. You need to step out of the room for a while and come back in again.

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