Advanced Aromatherapy The Science of Essential Oil Therapy A chemist and aromatherapy practitioner provides scientific proof for the effectiveness of using essential oils. Aromatherapy is the fastest-growing segment of the body care industry, an effective and deeply pleasurable way to maintain well-being. Now, Kurt Schnaubelt, a chemist and longtime aromatherapy practitioner, provides scientific proof for the efficacy of essential oils, explained clearly and logically. Advanced Aromatherapy draws on the most recent research to demonstrate how essential oils work on the cells and microbes of the body. These chemical changes affect emotional states as well as physical ones. Advanced Aromatherapy explains how to treat symptoms ranging from hay fever to stress disorders with predictable results. An essential textbook for aromatherapy practitioners. User Ratings and Reviews 5 Stars Advanced Aromatherapy I own an Aromatherapy Bodywork business and I really found this book useful. In previous years all I had access to were books with less specified subject matter.

The Advanced Aromatherapy book is much more detailed especially if you wish to take your understanding of essential oils to a much higher level. I gave it a five star reting! 4 Stars Intensely scientific Very useful aromatherapy guide. It is intensely scientific…particularly the 2nd chapter entitled “Essential Oils – Definition and Distillation”; bored me out of my mind. It has a wonderful chapter on self-treatment and all the precautions with a guide of all the essential oils and their uses. I am glad I bought it, however I am sure there are better guides out there. 5 Stars Great book by a well known teacher Even the person who taught the essential oil class I took spoke very highly of Dr. Schnaubelt and, after purchasing this book, I know why. This book touches on most aspects of essental oils in a manner that even a beginner can understand. It is well written and gives you a great understanding of how essential oils work. As a result of reading this book, I hope to take some of Dr. Schnaulbelt’s correspondence classes in the very near future.

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