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An overview of healing with Reiki therapy

Reiki, the alternative healing therapy created by Mikao Usui, is based on a spiritual principle that believes an invisible life force guides human and animal lives. The Reiki practitioners, with their palm or hands-on healing techniques, tap on the free-flowing energy and transfer it to the patients who are in dire need of emotional and physical well-being. Though many tend to ward off this mode of treatment as a kind of unscientific approach, many non-believers who have spent quality time with a skilled Reiki practitioner have experienced a positive effect. Does Reiki therapy help you heal your sufferings? What illnesses are treated by Reiki therapy? To know this and more about the effectiveness and techniques of healing with Reiki therapy, continue reading.

Reiki Healing therapy sessions

The healing with Reiki therapy focuses on tapping the free-flowing energy that may sometimes run into blockades such as traumas, negative thoughts, and stresses. The therapy sessions involve the Reiki master channelizing the good energy and transferring the energy to the sufferer with a combination of soft-touch or above-the-body sweeping. The whole process is soothing and is a sort of emotional realignment for those receiving the treatment. The following sections brief you on how healing therapy of Reiki works effectively for sleeplessness and anxiety.

Reiki therapy sessions for sleep and stress

A Reiki session begins with the Reiki practitioner activating power within himself. The master closes his eyes, and after taking a few rounds of deep breaths, he focuses on the energy that flows through his head to arms and hand. The practitioner then transfers this energy to the patients where they require the healing most. The whole session involves both master and patient to believe in the flow of energy with a dedicated prayer or intent. To have a better understanding of the course, here are two sessions that induce good sleep and eliminate stress.

An Old Man Relaxing While Reiki Healing.

Reiki session for good sleep

The Reiki practitioner, during the session, asks the recipient to lie down with the head placed close to the master. The master then brushes his hand lightly over the back of their head, slowly steering clear of the pain and discomfort experienced by them. The patients would be asked to practice breathing that includes inhaling for 3 seconds and exhaling for 5 seconds while reminiscing and being grateful for all that they went through on that day. All this while, the Reiki master would be channelizing his energy to the patients for holistic healing. This practice session can take as much time as you want, but usually, a span of 15-30 minutes is enough for a relaxed and peaceful sleep.

Reiki session to eliminate stress

An anxiety-ridden patient often finds it difficult to breathe. Healing therapy of Reiki focuses on channelizing the energy to the recipient’s shoulders and body to help reduce the shortness of breath. During the session, the master places their hand on their shoulders for 10-15 minutes and passes on the energy to the patient’s body.

The whole session ends with offering gratitude and closing the energy. This may involve the Reiki practitioner stepping back, wiping their hands, and thanking themselves, energy, as well as the recipients. Though the whole treatment process is still not proven scientifically for its efficacy, this alternative medicine treatment is worth trying in conjunction with your conventional treatment methods.

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