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What are the Principles Of Reiki Therapy?

Dr. Usui founded the five principles of Reiki which are followed as the spiritual tenets of Reiki even today. It is called Usui Reiki or simply as Reiki. It is the standard curriculum followed by all Reiki training sessions. The original principles of Reiki therapy were written in Japanese and have several variations with the same underlying message. The five Reiki principles translated in English are as follows:

Just for today,
I will not worry
I will not be angry
I will work honestly
I will be grateful
I will be kind to others

How To Follow The Principles Of Reiki Therapy?

The best way to keep these principles in mind is to cultivate a relationship with them. It can be achieved through journaling or meditation. You must think how these principles relate to your life and also if you relate with them. Things have to have some meaning in your life for you to own it up. It is important that you be aware of these principles and not just memorise them. It appears like common sense and they sound like any moral code. They look really simple but not all that easy. As long as you have high spiritual pursuits, Reiki principles are really easy to implement in everyday life. A lot of people strive to live by these principles consciously or not and nobody seems to detest the experience.

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It is so simple that anybody regardless of their religious belief can follow the principles. You can be an atheist or a believer of a cult. These principles can be applicable to daily life. You don’t have to reframe them into your spiritual practice. They make the core of any Reiki practice and history.

Benefits Of Reiki Therapy Principles

The principles of Reiki therapy are more about non attachment. The first two principles, I will not worry and I will not be angry, can be implemented only when you stay unattached to the situation. To keep your emotions stable, you need to have zero expectation from people and situations. You must not have fear of losing due to which anger and worry will form. The principles of Reiki therapy try to teach you to have an equal feeling for everything. It stresses on living for the moment. What you do in the present day and how you do it are more important. You need not dwell on the past or worry about tomorrow.

It is not like setting up high expectations in the beginning of the year to be followed for the rest of your life. There is absolutely no pressure about what you have to do tomorrow. Because, it is today that we have for ourselves. Each day is your entire life. You must take all positive actions today. Only if you start today, can you follow it for the rest of the years. The power of gratitude can always change your life. So, count your blessings and be thankful for every single thing that made the blessing happen.

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