Reiki Therapy is the treatment through which the life force energy of a person is increased. The word Reiki is formed by the combination of Rei which means higher power in Japanese and ki which means life force in the same language. The two combine to mean spiritually guided life force energy. When we say life force, we suggest the subtle yet powerful energy that flows through and surrounds every living being. Lifeforce moves through pathways that are known as chakras, nadis, and meridians.

It is the life force that nourishes every part and cell of the body which in turn enable it to function. So when the levels of life force reduce in a body, it begins to feel weak and get highly susceptible to illness and diseases. It is by increasing and strengthening the life force that the physical body remains healthy or begins the process of healing. This is where Reiki Therapy steps it. Through the treatment, one can up the supply of life force and thus boost healing.

How is Reiki treatment administered?
Reiki is given through hands. The practitioner places his or her hands lightly on the body of the patient or very near to it. The healing energy then flows from the practitioner and into the body of the patient. As the life force energy moves from hands to the physical body, the candidate will begin to relax. There will be relief from pain, anxiety will reduce and the mind will clear, and a general sense of well being will rise. When seen scientifically, these results occur because the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system of the candidate shows increases activity.


What is the benefit of Reiki Therapy?
• Promotes relaxation
• Decreases stress
• Increases peaceful feeling
• Healing of the body quickens
• A physical, mental and spiritual balance is attained

These are some of the advantages of Reiki treatment. It is the foundation of better quality of life and improved health. We will focus on just stress reduction and relaxation today as explaining each benefit can become a lengthy process.

When Reiki is given to a person, it triggers the stress reduction response in the body. This, in turn, begins to work on issues that arise out of stress and anxiety. Some of the health conditions that are rooted in stress and can be treated by the Japanese energy healing therapy are:

• Angina or stroke that come dues irregular heartbeats because of stress
• Gastrointestinal problems that are caused when the body is under tension because the brain regulates the production of hormones such as leptin and ghrelin.
• Eating either too less or too much are also common consequences of stress. People tend to overeat or have an absolute aversion to food. Reiki can be used to treat this condition.
• Any psychological or mood disorders that arise from stress can also be cured by reiki.
• For men who are facing sexual troubles due to stress, Reiki can become a godsend.

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