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How effective is Reiki therapy for depression?

Nearly 264 million people are diagnosed with depression across the world, and it is quickly becoming a deadly mental disorder that drives the sufferer to extreme actions. Depression can affect anyone regardless of age or gender and destroys the quality of life if left untreated for a long time. Though the illness has several treatment options, there is not a single treatment that has shown a satisfying outcome. Reiki, which is a traditional Japanese form of biofield therapy, have shown exemplary results for depression treatment when used in conjunction with the conventional methods. Before establishing the effectiveness of Reiki for depression, readers must understand what depression is and how an alternate treatment method stimulates the process of healing in depression patients.

Depression: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

Depression, a mental disorder, can have a severe impact in an individual’s life with sporadic occurrences of mood fluctuations, loss in interest, appetite issues, sleep problems, and extreme low-esteem. The illness does not need a particular reason to trigger. It can occur in people who have experienced unfortunate events like sudden deaths of loved ones or are suffering from a serious illness. Depression, when left untreated, can impair your functioning at work and also of those who are dependent on you. The worst cases of depression can also lead the patients to the verge of suicide.

Causes for depression are often attributed to the cumulative reasons that might have begun from childhood. Prolonged abuse, unhappy circumstances, and serious neglect alter the way the brain functions and can result in depression. Initially, the symptoms would be negligible and often involves patients taking non-prescribed medicines and foods or drinks for relief. Though these minor distractions might work out for a few days, the symptoms can return with some irreversible adverse effects.

A Closup Look of Woman Getting Reiki Massage For Head.

Depression can be very serious, and finding the right treatment is of utmost importance. Consult with your physician and, if possible, research the possibilities of an alternate treatment method like Reiki therapy for depression in addition to the additional treatments.

Any depression treatment includes identifying the underlying problems that lead to the symptoms. And to devise an ideal treatment plan for depression, it is essential to know what caused it. Based on the origin of the illness, depression is categorized into situational depression and chronic depression. While situational depression occurs when patients suffer the loss of a loved one or lose a job, chronic depression is the result of life conditions. Although regular counseling sessions and medications can help alleviate the symptoms to an extent, an alternate treatment method like Reiki therapy for depression can produce a holistic effort in treatment.

Reiki therapy for depression

Depression and the associated negative thoughts are considered as the blockade of energy in Reiki beliefs. When a Reiki practitioner starts his healing sessions by placing the hands over the affected part, universal energy is transferred to the recipient’s body. The energy received helps in altering the energy body of the recipient. Any blocks in the energy that arises out of repressed feelings, grief, or sadness are cleared out by the new healing energy transferred by the Reiki master. The Reiki sessions might be effective immediately for some, but for many others, it may take multiple sessions for clearing out blockages. Overall, Reiki therapy for depression is a beautiful experience that helps patients in identifying their inner happy selves and ultimately in getting out of depression.

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