This site is a blog written by Brad Helms who is a freelancer with a passion for writing. This site gives you a lot of insight into various topics but focuses primarily on new age healing techniques, of which the most prominent is Reiki. This blog chooses to let people know more about this ancient and powerful Japanese healing technique, which is often supposed to have powerful healing effects. Many people are not aware of Reiki and its benefits, and this blog hopes to give people a better understanding of the subject. While there are always skeptics who would say otherwise, a lot of people who have tried Reiki and other alternative healing techniques vouch for it, because it looks into the cause of the disease, whether it is stress, or anger or any other negative emotion.

Brad Helms, who writes this blog has several people following his stories and opinions about alternative healing techniques such as Reiki, crystal healing, massage therapy, or acupuncture. The blog also tells you more about alternative healing products such as magnetic therapy products like pillow pads, mattresses and many more. This blog is written with the intention of making alternative therapy products known to people, and by sharing such knowledge about alternative therapies, people will know more about it. Brad Helms also writes about various other topics and enjoys sharing his opinions about various issues with people. By telling people about the benefits of alternative healing therapies, Brad hopes to give insight to people about what is beneficial for them.