Dasgesundheitsblog.com is a site which collects personal details from people only for the sake of bettering our services to our customers. The reason personal data such as your name, age and is obtained is to make sure that personal data taken from customers are correct and comprehensive, and we make sure that our visitors to our site is up to date. Security of data is one thing that we take very seriously, and for this reason, we ensure that there is a complete protection of our data from illegal access to the personal information that we have collected from our customers. Nor do we allow anyone to destroy, alter or disclose our data to anyone. Such data also includes reviews of the information that we have collected. We also protect data so that nobody can access it physically, or in any other way. None of our staff or other agents in our company have the right to access any of this data, and even if this data is used by certain staff it is only for the sake of developing and improving the services that we provide. We also ensure that the staff who have access to the data are obliged to be confidential about the information that they are dealing with. Failure of confidentially could even result in the staff being terminated, and they can be prosecuted if they misuse the information in any way. Dasgesundheitsblog.com is bound by US law not share any of the data that is given by its visitors to any third party.