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The Beauty And Magic Of Spa And Body Massages

There is not a person who either hasn’t heard of massages or got one done. Everyone knows what spa and body massages mean, at least superficially. In this article, we tackle a deeper meaning of massages and which type of massage therapy is best suited to which person.

A massage is a technique of manipulating the soft tissue, tendons, and muscles of a body to bring relief. A massage is performed by a trained masseuse or therapist who is well-versed with the methods of rubbing, kneading, and stroking. A massage may use light to extreme pressure to alleviate the problem faced by the body. The outcome of most body therapies is shedding of tension, stress, and anxiety.

Knowing what a massage is and the many benefits it offers is not enough. For the layman, terms like Thai massage, sports massage or ayurvedic massage are all the same. How does a person decide which one suits them the best? How do they know the correct massage to pick?

The Popular Massage Types To Pick From

If you count all the massage techniques in the world, they run over 200. Knowing all of them is near impossible, but there are a few massages that are extremely popular that also offer many health advantages. Knowing what they are can help you decide the one that fits you the best.

Image of A Man Relaxing While Swedish Massage Given By A Pro-Massage Therapist

  • The Swedish Massage is best for relaxation and stress relief. It is a soothing technique which also makes it the most common type of therapy. It is the massage that comes to your mind when you think of spa and salons. The treatment is great for:
          • stress relief
          • relaxation
          • releasing cramped muscles
          • couples’ massage
          • introduction to body massage
  • Hot stone massage is exactly what the name says. Warm, smooth, and flat stones are utilised to weigh down the body. The therapist also employees the stones to massage the entire body of the client. This therapy is great for:
          • Centring a person
          • Relaxing the body
          • Pressing the reset button on stress
          • Releasing tense muscles

These two types of massage therapies are prevalent and best for relaxing the body. But more techniques are used to treat pain in the body or alleviate specific conditions. While the formers are called traditional massages, these specific therapies are known as attentive techniques.

Deep Tissue And Thai Massage Therapies

  • Deep tissue massage is utilised to get rid of particular trouble points in the body. In this therapy, deep pressure is applied to a specific part of the body. The massage doesn’t leave you feeling relaxed at the end of the session.The intense pressure on knotted muscles tends to leave you sore for a few days. Here – you Check out the difference between massage and deep tissue massage. While the massage itself is akin to torment, it best for:
        • Removing stiff spots
        • Relieving pain from areas such as the neck and shoulder

Swedish & Thai Deep Tissue Combination

  • Thai massage is different from deep tissue therapy in that it focuses on the complete body. The skilled therapists manipulate the body in various positions to improve energy. The massage is similar to yoga because it stretched the body rigorously. The massage is great for:
          • increased flexibility
          • overall health
          • Better well-being
  • Sports massage, as the name says, is fit for athletes or persons who are extremely physically active. The therapy makes use of a mix of other techniques such as Swedish and Shiatsu. The effect of the massage is to relieve the area that is most affected by the sport the athlete plays or the muscle the person most uses. The body spa is best for:
          • Preparing for peak performance
          • Preventing sports injury
          • Treating a sports injury

Barring these five spa and body massages, therapists commonly offer many others. If you are new to therapy, the best choice is Swedish massage. If you need treatment for a particular problem, then a sports massage is suitable.

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