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Basics Of Reiki Therapy

Reiki or the healing touch is a mysterious way towards healing. It can easily be a part of your daily routine to help you remember that everything else is ok. People believe that Reiki is a simple path towards happiness. It uses energy or aura surrounding the body to improve one’s physical and emotional health. A spiritual way to improve one’s quality of life by healing the energy within your body. Reiki is a combination of Japanese words Rei, meaning higher power, and ki which means life force, or otherwise, Reiki means a spiritually guided life force.

Life force is the energy that surrounds and flows through nadis, meridians and chakras in all living beings. It is the energy force that supports the bodily functions and nourishes all the cells in the body. When the life force is low, your body will feel weak and is susceptible to illness. There are various factors that can affect your life force. Thoughts and feelings if they are negative can disrupt the life force. The homeostasis or the overall balance of physical, emotional and mental state is disturbed diminishing the function of the body organs. Reiki therapy is all about strengthening the life force which will help the body to heal and make you healthy.

About Reiki Therapy Benefits

There are plenty of Reiki therapy benefits. It helps in deep relaxation and promotes stress reduction. Reiki is best proved to improve emotional health. The healing therapy will trigger your body’s relaxation response and will also reduce stress. Most of the health benefits from Reiki are a result of the fact that it can reduce stress. There are so many illnesses caused due to stress. It could be environmental stress, emotional stress or work stress. Stress can cause stroke, heart ailments, gastrointestinal problems, eating disorders, and mood disorders. Anxiety and depression can change your mood and drop it to ground zero level. Reiki can bring in an overall positive mood. This will benefit those affected with health issues caused by negative mood swings. Positive mood reduces depression, anxiety, confusion and anger.

A Reiki Specialist Giving Healing Therapy To A Young Woman.

Reiki is good for pain management. It helps to increase mobility when in pain. Lower back pain, wrist pain and shoulder pain can be reduced with a few sessions of Reiki treatment. Reiki can, in many ways, complement physical therapy and sometimes it can be used as an alternative to physical therapy with the same effectiveness in improving the range of motion of the affected body part. Reducing pain comes as a result of alterations of muscle structures and local joints. Reiki can work like a miracle in healing inflammation and infections. It is beneficial in reducing the side effects of invasive surgeries. While working to relieve anxiety, doctors have come across improvement on other medical conditions that proves vital for the overall health benefit of the patient.

Reiki helps improve metabolic syndrome. It is a set of syndrome associated with heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other chronic illnesses. It is a set of illnesses that can be kept at bay by following regular physical activity. But, exercises, cardio or weight training may not be possible by everyone. In such cases Reiki therapy can be of great help. It is found to be most effective in managing high blood pressure and insulin resistance. Even for cancer treatment, Reiki can be used to treat symptoms of cancer such as pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression. It also relieves pain from arthritis, sciatica and migraine. Reiki promotes spiritual growth and emotional clarity. Reiki can help you connect with people better. It can enhance the capability to empathize and to love bringing in inner peace and harmony. Since the treatment process is non traumatic and can be easily implemented along with conventional treatment and medicine, Reiki is fast becoming a norm in hospitals and hospice care.

How Does Reiki Help To Heal?

Reiki treatment is all about setting right the energy levels of the body and increasing the supply of life force to help you heal quickly. Reiki is performed by doing touch therapy by using hands on or near the body part. The healing energy from the hands and body of the Reiki practitioner will flow into the patient. Reiki increases the activity of parasympathetic autonomic nervous systems due to which the patient will sense a feeling of well being. This will in turn decrease anxiety, give you pain relief, mental clarity and relaxation. You start feeling a perfect balance of mental, spiritual and physical self. You will notice that the natural healing mechanism of the body starts functioning more effectively. It increases the supply of life force that makes you feel at peace and reduces stress. Reiki has a lot of benefits and helps you maintain a healthy life.

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