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Reiki therapy for pain: An overview of its effectiveness

Age-old Japanese treatment methods of Reiki therapy have increasingly shown its efficacy in healing chronic pains. The technique that involves slight touching on the affected parts by the skilled Reiki practitioners has had several patrons over the years, owing to its overall holistic treatment approach. The treatment method involves the Reiki practitioner channeling energy to the patients that enhance the recipient’s energy and helps in healing pain, stress, & tiredness.

According to Reiki beliefs, the therapy induces the opening of a channel between the healer and patients to transfer energy, allowing the practitioner to help heal the patient holistically. All through the therapy session, the recipient’s muscles are relaxed and energy free flows reducing the anxiety and thereby eliminating pain senses. Though the effectiveness is not scientifically justified, the method is sure to help you feel relaxed and refreshed. Find out more research-backed facts to adopt this fantastic healing therapy for pain.

Why should you opt for Reiki therapy?

Reiki a biofield therapy

Biofield therapy is a non-invasive therapy that works on stimulating healing responses in patients by interacting with fields of energy surrounding the living systems. Reiki is a biofield therapy that has shown its efficacy over the years. A recent review of several clinical trials that involved many biofield therapies established the efficiency of the treatments in reducing the intensity of pain, especially for the patients who have cancer. Several other studies have also revealed that touch therapies have a more significant effect in alleviating pain, and among all other biofield therapies, Reiki is the best.

Reiki Therapy For Back Pain.

How effective is Reiki therapy for pain?

Reiki therapy for pain due to colonoscopy and abdominal hysterectomies has shown a significant impact and has helped patients in alleviating pains. Colonoscopy patients have attributed Reiki therapy as a useful treatment mode for decreasing stress and anxiety. Similarly, a group of women who underwent abdominal hysterectomies had reduced pain, both before and after the procedures, with Reiki therapy. Cancer patients, as well as older adults who suffer from chronic pains, also find the therapy effective in reducing pain, fatigue, & anxiety and enjoy a better quality of life.

Reiki therapy for pain has not identified any side effects and is considered as one of the low-risk modes of treatment. The touch treatment also provides therapeutic relief for patients who are suffering from unbearable pain.

How to find a suitable Reiki master?

Several websites like the International Center for Reiki Training and Reiki Masters are few resources that can help you in finding a suitable practitioner. The lack of a standardized Reiki practice in different countries might be the reason for low popularity for the treatment, and hence, a useful reference or research is recommended to find out the best one. Find out the practitioner’s experience in the field and whether he is affiliated with an integrative medicine program, before finalizing your Reiki master.

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