A Female Therapist Giving Reiki Therapy For Dog.

What is Reiki and how is it performed for dogs?

Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing technique. In this practice, natural healing energy is channeled from the blissful source into the subject. It is believed that the divine energy gets into the practitioner through the top chakra of the head. The energy flows out from the practitioner through their hands. When it comes to performing reiki therapy for dogs, it is necessary to know various dog chakra points like the throat, heart, root, sacral, solar plexus, brow, and crown.

The practitioner does not generate or contribute to their energy. They serve as a vessel where the energy would flow to the designated target. Any person can become a reiki practitioner. But one has to undergo reiki attunement to become a good practitioner. The reiki master would channel specific energies to the individual, thereby permitting a way for the individual to channel energy on his/her own.

By keeping the hands on a particular location helps in concentrating the Reiki on that specific area of the body. Remember, reiki is intellectual energy and has its mind. It goes accurately where it is required. Reiki can travel any distances all over the world or just within the room. The energy can enter into the future or past to make a way for forthcoming endeavors or heal previous trauma.

A reiki therapist should be aware of how much energy to send through since overdose or less energy can cause harm. If you are thinking of a natural supplement for your dogs, reiki therapy is an excellent option. It is almost like daily vitamins supplements packed with nutrients.

What are the benefits of reiki therapy for dogs?

It is not possible to see all the benefits instantly in reiki when applied both in humans or dogs. However, several have experienced various benefits. Reiki can help in the following ways:

  • Improves the bond between subject and practitioner
  • Improve well being
  • Promote relaxation and reduce stress
  • Remove psychological or emotional blocks that are affecting physical health
  • Reduces healing time after illness or surgery
  • Improves the immune system
  • Eases pain

Reiki session for dogs:

When conducting reiki therapy for humans, the subject is allowed to lie on a comfortable massage table. The Reiki practitioner lays their hands on various areas of the body. It mostly takes about an hour. Once the session is complete, the practitioner would perform a sweeping motion all over the subject. It smoothes the energy out, channels excessive energy to the door, window, or out of the space and lets it into the universe.

Reiki sessions for dogs will be a little bit different. Dogs usually do not prefer to relax on the massage table at the start. It is hard to sit for the dogs to sit quietly for an hour on the table. It prefers to obtain reiki from a distance such as across the room. So, the practitioner does not have to touch the dog. One of the best ways to start is sitting with the dog on the floor in a living room. If the dog desires, invite them to participate in the reiki therapy.

A Dog Getting Reiki Healing.

General Reiki techniques to try at home

Even if you are not a reiki practitioner, there are several touching techniques you can do at home. Though you would not channel the energy, you can still place hands on the dog and serve to comfort and soothe them.

Hand positions for dog reiki:

Keeping hands flat that is palm down with thumbs and fingers held straight and forced together. Ensure to keep the hands in the same position when placing on your dog.

General relaxation:

Reiki touching technique begins at the neck region and moves down to the body part and ends near the end of the dog’s tail. Ensure to hold at each hand spot for several minutes. When performing, breathe deeply and allow your relaxed energy to enter through your hands to the dogs.

Shoulders: While performing place the hands on the shoulder of the dogs. Ensure you place it side by side. If they are standing or sitting, you can place the hands above the shoulder blade at the back. If they are lying down, you can place your hands on one part of the dog.

Midsection: Keep the hands on the belly area of the dog if he/she is lying down. Ensure to keep your hands in the center portion of the back. If possible, at the sides of the spine.

Lower back region: Place the hands on the hind area of the dog that is close to the tail’s base. If the dog is lying on its side, keep your hands’ side by side. If the dog is standing or catching, catch on sides of the spine.

In the same way, there are simple reiki methods you can perform to your dog for emotional healing, etc.

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