A pregnant Woman Getting Massage During Her Pregnancy Period.

Reiki Therapy For Pregnancy

Without a doubt, becoming a mother is the most life-altering experience a person can have. It is a physical, emotional and psychological transformation that not only allows you the miracle of birth but also bond with your bundle of joy forevermore. Yet even this happy time is often pockmarked with some physical discomfort, fear, anxiety and insecurities. That’s normal because the change you undergo is massive. While western medicine is often out of reach for pregnant women to alleviate these issues due to the danger of irreversible harm to the child, reiki is not.

Reiki therapy for pregnancy is one of the best ways to relieve an expecting mother from both emotional and physical discomfort. In this post, we discover what reiki is and how it benefits mothers to be and their unborn little ones.

What Is Reiki Therapy?

A Japanese technique of relieving stress from the mind and the body, reiki therapy helps in healing. The healer uses the power of touch to channel life-force energy into the patient. This drives the natural healing process in the patient. Since the life-force energy is unseen, reiki is considered to be spiritually guided.

A Reiki Massage Therapist Giving Healing Therapy To A Pregnant Lady.

So, how does reiki therapy benefit during pregnancy?

  • During the first trimester, reiki can help morning sickness or usual nausea along with the exhaustion.
  • As the pregnancy evolves, the centre of mass in women shifts. This causes aches and pain in the lower back. Reiki helps take away the stress from muscles. Therefore, it aids in alleviating pain in expecting women.
  • Pregnancy often comes with understandable fears and anxieties. Reiki helps calm the mind and take away any stresses. Moreover, it relaxes the muscles in the pelvic region, which aids in decreasing delivery pain. It has been proven that women who are advised C-Sections have a lower need for it if they practice reiki.
  • One of the most significant benefits of reiki during pregnancy is when it is focused on the abdomen. In such cases, it is reported that the baby shows a positive physical response. In some situations, the baby wriggles and kicks with pleasure, and in others, it helps calm down the baby, especially if the mother is stressed.

Benefits Of Reiki Even After Delivery

The advantages of reiki therapy are not limited to pregnancy or childbirth. They carry postpartum too. One example is the expression of milk. A lot of new mothers are also anxious about nursing their children, which can cause no breast milk to be produced or too little of it. Reiki can help soothe all the worries of the mother. Since she is calm, the right amount of milk is expressed which helps feed the infant sufficiently. Another merit of reiki and breastfeeding is the soreness new mothers have. Nursing an infant causes the nipples to engorge, which can be painful in some cases. Reiki heals this.

The last benefit of reiki post-partum is depression. One of the hardest realities of pregnancy, reiki is a great way to provide the emotional and psychological support new mothers require and get over postpartum depression. The benefits of reiki therapy for pregnancy are so many that they even help with the newborn! With the right therapy, the baby can sleep better, have fewer colic issues and even show accelerated motor skill development.

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