While the masseuse is responsible for giving you a great massage, the massage equipment plays a very important role in your spa experiment. Without this wonderful massage equipment, most massages just wonít have the same effect as they do. The Requirements Of A Great Massage Experience The massage table is designed to be firm but comfortable so that you wonít get hurt during your massage therapy that is designed to heal your body. Massage chairs are great for foot, ankle, neck, shoulder, arm, or hand massages. The chair doesn’t allow the client to become too comfortable or to fall asleep, but it is comfortable that the person can relax and enjoy the massage. Firmness and angles are very important to both the bed and chair. You should always use white linens and towels for your clients. The color is relaxing and the clients can see that they are clean. It is important to change them after each and every client. Facial treatments can be done with special steamers.

The steamer opens the pores so the therapist can cleanse your face. Lamps are very important parts of massage equipment, especially for facials. They often have a magnifying glass for the therapist to find the areas that need to be cleansed. Other Massage Equipment There are some other basic massage equipment that without it, the massage would not be complete. They enhance the entire massage experience. Massage oils and creams are used to make the skin slippery. This makes it easier to massage and move your hands across. Hot stones are used to remove tension from muscles. They are used for many types of massages. Candles and music are optional, but add a relaxing and pleasurable element for the client receiving the massage. They relax the mind, body, and soul. The massage equipment is essential for the massage to be a success. However, an experienced masseuse will work hard to make the massage well worth your time. You will want to come back for another again and again. The right combination is to have excellent massage equipment and a professional masseuse.

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