Impact of Reiki Healing For Human And Dog.

Reiki is an energy healing therapy which helps to attain a balance between both physical and mental well-being. Reiki therapy for animals is an animal-guided healing process which is achieved by the practice of meditation. It is possible to create a healing connection with animals or pets with the practice of animal reiki. The following talks about the benefits and approaches of animal Reiki therapy.

What is Animal Reiki?

It is believed that Reiki can offer spiritual energy which helps to realise the inner essence of a soul. Animal Reiki is nothing but making use of this spiritual realisation to ease the suffering of animals in this world. It is also called an energy therapy that must be practised regularly with your pets for better results. Reiki therapy for animals mainly involves meditating with your pet to move on with its health challenges. Animal Reiki is a technique that helps to empower animals and gives value to the healing process. It helps to achieve a compassionate space in life that connects with all the species in the world. Animal Reiki also helps to realise the connection to the world. It creates a ripple effect as it tries to bring about perfect harmony to your heart and mind.

Reiki Therapy For Pet Animals

Animal Reiki can be of significant help to pets and pet owners. The benefits of reiki therapy on animals are listed below.

  • Helps to manage stress and alleviate anxiety-related problems.
  • Improve the energy levels of your pets.
  • Improve the overall well being of the pet owner and the pet.
  • Complements other medical treatments
  • Helps to recover soon after a surgery or injury.
  • Helps pet to manage depression
  • Create a special bond between the owner and the pet.

Reiki Process For Dog.

Animal Reiki Approaches-An Overview

Human-led Reiki for animals can offer better results when it is done the right way. The following are the basic steps or animal reiki approaches that bring out the best of Animal Reiki.

Set The Intention: The actual goal of animal reiki must be decided. You can also set an open intention.

Touch: This is an important element of animal reiki therapy. Touch must be initiated as and when it is required so that it is possible to establish connections with your pet. Give chances for your pet to initiate physical contact.

Movement: Allow your pet or animals to move around during the process of Reiki therapy.

Focus: This is a significant approach. Be passive. Try to focus on your meditation practice and not on the issue. Do not concentrate on sending signals to your pet to resolve health issues.

Body Language: Make sure that your body language matches your intentions.

No Expectations: Do not set any expectations for your pet during the treatment process. There must be no expectations placed on healing results so that the therapy works well.

Say Thanks: Show your gratitude to your pet for its excellent participation in the therapy.

The above helps to know about reiki animal therapy and its amazing benefits.

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