Acupuncture, cupping, Moxibustion, Chinese Herbs, and Nutrition are all part of TCM, i.e., traditional Chinese medicine. This article will focus on four such methods that can be used to maintain the health of a person or to achieve healing. The first on the list is acupuncture. This practice makes use of needles. They are inserted into the subcutaneous tissue of the person. In simpler words, a needle is injected into the superficial skin. They are added at specific points in the body that are known as acupuncture points to manipulate the muscles located at the juncture.

Under TCM, the human body has almost two thousand acupuncture points. All these points are connected to meridians. There are twelve principal meridians in a body. It is these meridians that ensure the proper flow of energy in the body. The power, also known as Qi, moved from the surface of the skin to the internal organs. Through acupuncture, the normal flow of Qi is achieved. It is this that restores the health of the mind, body, and soul. Acupuncture is performed to ensure the balance of Yin and Yang.


The second on the list of methods that come under TCM is Moxibustion. In this therapy, the mugwort root is burnt to achieve healing. The root is also called moxa and is made by drying a spongy herbed named as Artemisia vulgaris. When moxa is ignited, it creates a massive amount of smoke that has a pungent odor. The smell is sometimes confused with the burning of cannabis because of a slight similarity. This smoke is meant to warm the blood and invigorate it which in turn stimulates the proper Qi flow. It also removes wind and cold from the body, dissolves stagnation and strengthens the kidney Yang. Moxibustion is also used to cure menstrual pains.

The third technique that comes with TCM is Tui Na massage which is a mixture of acupressure, massage, and other body manipulation. This bodywork therapy has been prevalent in China for centuries. The treatment begins with a practitioner asking a series of questions while the patient sits wholly clothed in a chair. The actual massage may include heat, herbal compresses, and ointments. At times, the therapy can be very vigorous. It is generally used to cure and treat conditions that related to musculoskeletal and chronic pain.

The last method of healing that we talk about is the famous cupping. A kind of Chinese massage, the therapy places glass or plastic open spheres on the body. These ‘cups’ are warmed before application using any flammable material like a cotton ball. The substance is placed inside the empty sphere to get rid of all oxygen. The substance is removed from the cup, and the sphere is immediately put on the skin. As the air within the empty sphere cools, it creates low pressure and ultimately a vacuum. This makes the cup stick to the surface of the body. Cupping has been used by Olympic athletes and others in great abundance in the past few years. It is generally meant for treating sites that are fleshy in nature like the back and the stomach.

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