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A Scientific Exploration Of Acupuncture & Shedding Weight

There have been a growing number of studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of acupuncture in pain relief by getting rid of stress and anxiety. With this evidence in light, more and more researchers are not digging into a scientific exploration of acupuncture for weight loss.

There have been a few experiments that prove the potential of it. When acupuncture is combined with conventional means of weight loss, the results are visibly good. The studies say that 1 to 3 acupuncture sessions have helped people shed reasonable amounts of weight safely.

How Does Acupuncture Help In Weight Loss?

Now that we know acupuncture for weight loss works let’s understand how it works. In acupuncture, extremely fine needles that are sterilised first are inserted at particular points called energy pathways. The needles help release endorphins which are the feel-good hormones of our body.

The stimulation of hormones has a relaxing and calming effect. Because the person is calm, they don’t overeat, which is often the cause of excess body weight brought about by anxiety and stress.

This is one theory on how acupuncture works in shedding any extra pounds a person may have, another is based on traditional Chinese belief. Chinese medicine says that weight gain happens due to an imbalance. The imbalance occurs when either the spleen or the liver begins to malfunction. An acupuncturist zeroes in these areas which are not functioning correctly and help in weight loss.

For instance, by focusing on the kidneys or endocrine system, water retention can be addressed and hormonal balance restored. To keep sugar in check, the spleen and thyroid gland are targeted. And weight gain due to premenstrual syndrome or menopause is treated by concentrating on ovaries and adrenal glands.

A Physiotherapist Doing Dry Needling Process For His Patient.

Are There Any Side Effects of Acupuncture?

The impact of acupuncture varies from person to person. In a few cases, the effect is noticeable reasonably quickly so much so that they require sessions only every alternate week. In other cases, it may take some time to perceive any difference.

Irrespective of how swiftly a• Muscle spasms

  • Soreness

These happen because bodily processes and hcupuncture results in weight loss, here are some side-effects you must look out for:

  • Fatigue

ormone levels change. It is also quite common for nerve stimulations to carry on even after the needles have been removed. If that is the case with you, don’t worry. The tremors should subside in a day or two. One more side effect of acupuncture is the shifting of emotions.

For those thinking of acupuncture for weight loss, understand that it works in tandem with a healthy diet and appropriate exercise regimen. Acupuncture alone will not help you lose weight. Also, always go to a qualified and professional acupuncturist for treatments to remain on the safe side.

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