Most people have a thinking that relaxation massage is meant only for relaxation. I am an experienced Spa and Massage therapist at Chennai River Day Spa. Whenever I meet my clients, I explain them the benefits and method of offering relax massage. It helps to client to feel fresh and energetic. If you are leading a stressful life with lot of thoughts and tensions in mind, you need to visit the best massage clinics like River Day Spa, Olive AyurvedicCenter or Center Point Massage. It is recommended to get massage and spa services from experienced professionals. Due to massage service popularity, there are several clinics and centers operating in Chennai. You need to check whether you are visiting a genuine and reliable massage center.

The relaxation massage treatment is complex procedure. It involves the following procedure.

  • Long smooth sliding strokes that are flowing and rhythmic.
  • Deeply relaxing pressure will be given throughout the body.
  • It will not remain painful.
  • The treatment will be designed to relax and soothe you.
  • It is not given to relieve any serious ailments or chronic pain.
  • The massage therapist will ask you whether you have medical condition or suffering from severe pain.
  • The massage therapist will ensure to give you treatment in a pleasing room environment.
  • It includes warm luxurious towels, soothing music, cool ambience and use of natural essential oils to improve the massage effects and environment.

What are the advantages of relaxation massage?
Just like other massage, the relaxation massage effects last for some days after the treatment. It offers the following benefits.
Relieves stress:
Stress has become a universal condition. If you do not take action in quick time, it can become a major issue. Some of the symptoms of stress include social withdrawal, under or overeating, alcohol or drug use, tobacco use, angry outbursts, depression or sadness, restlessness, lack of focus or motivation, anger or irritability, anxiety, chest pain, headache, etc.

One of the top priorities for all of us is taking care of our body. Most people stress and strain their body but they do not show importance. When you get a relaxation massage from a leading therapist, you will look and feel healthy. It helps to improve your state and vitality of mind. Apart from stress relief, the massage therapy helps to improve overall mental and physical performance, increase energy levels and reduce pain. offers amazing massage experience for their clients. Experienced professionals will customize your massage after knowing individual needs.


Encourages relaxation:
When you are nearing a work deadline or stuck up in office, your body would produce unhealthy hormones. If the stress hormone is accumulated in high level, it can result in digestive problems, headaches and sleeplessness. The massage therapy helps to reduce the accumulated cortisol in your body. It helps your body to enter into recovery and rest mode. The effect continues even after the massage treatment. You will experience feelings like improved mood, lowered stress and relaxation. It enhances creative and calm thinking. It promotes relaxed status of mental alertness. It reinforced apositive attitude. Massage therapy improves mental outlook and you can handle pressure better than before.

Lowers blood pressure:
High blood pressure is one of the dangerous medical conditions. It does cause any symptoms. It is the reason it is termed as ‘silent killer.’ High blood pressure has chances to affect both men and women. One of the best ways to lower your blood pressure level is massage therapy. It is a natural treatment. You do not need to take medicines. When you go for constant massage treatment, you can see decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It helps to decrease urinary and salivary cortisone stress hormone heights. It reduces the sources of hostility, anxiety and depression along with other benefits.

Other benefits of relaxation massage includes;

  • Improves Rehabilitation especially after injury
  • Improves post-operative rehabilitation
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Relieves headaches
  • Promotes easier and deeper breathing
  • Improves range of motion and flexibility
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves posture
  • Improvements in stress associated symptoms
  • If you are taking treatment for any other medical condition, you can experience enhancement to immune system
  • Development in gastrointestinal motility. (If you are experiencing problems with bowel movements, you will find it regular after massage therapy).
  • Improvement to appearance and skin tone.
  • Development in peripheral circulation.

How to find a relaxation massage therapist?
Different therapist offers relaxation massage in different ways. It is best to consult a therapist who practices stone therapy, holistic massage, Swedish massage or Ayurvedic massage. All these come under relaxation massage treatment. The best part is you will get soothing and calming massage within the spa environment.

There are several massage therapist in city. It is important to select an experienced and reputed therapist in the industry. Is it possible to find them by price, credentials or business name? Cost is an important factor but still you should not rely on cost completely.

First, you need to decide what kind of relaxation massage therapy you require. Some people will feel comfortable to visit spa since they get lot of extras and frills. However, you need to pay additional cost for the extras they offer. The cost of the extras will be indirectly added to your massage package. It is also recommended to visit exclusive massage therapy center. The establishment will look comfortable, clean and well designed. Any people entering such establishment will feel comfortable immediately as they get settled. Such professional centers will charge reasonable price than regular beauty centers. It is recommended to visit day spas for best results.

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