A Neurosurgeon Treating His Senior Patient For His Neuro Disorder.

Resolving Neurology Related Disorders

Neurological disorders in older people or patients can cause issues with speech, movement, breathing, learning and swallowing. These disorders are termed as diseases that can affect the central nervous system affecting memory, mood and senses. When the neurons in our brain die slowly, it can induce inadequate production of dopamine. This may lead to Parkinson’s disease in a patient.

Multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease are also neurological disorders that challenge both balance and movement of the body and its parts. Neurological physiotherapists help patients with neurological disorders to restore their mobility and lead their lives independently without depending on others, even for simple tasks. A neurological physiotherapist evaluates existing conditions in their patients and provides necessary treatment for movement-related issues. Neurosurgeons are neurologic clinical specialists who have enhanced training and practice in providing neurological physiotherapy.

Latest techniques in physiotherapy help patients with Parkinson’s disease to regain their body movement and prevent from falling often. A patient with Parkinson’s disease usually has issues withholding things or having stabilized movements. Physiotherapy helps patients to resolve the problems in swallowing food, moving independently, improved flow of breathing, clarity in pronunciation and speaking without stammering.

Rehabilitation Therapist Supports A Young Girl On Treadmill In Physiotherapy.

Role Of Physiotherapy In Rehabilitation Program

The term “physiotherapy” may bring before our minds virtual images of gymnasts or runners or bodybuilders who undergo physiotherapy for their sprains and fractures. But physiotherapy helps to remove conditions that affect the nervous system in aged people or patients with brain or spinal cord injuries. Neurological physiotherapy plays a vital role in rehabilitation programs for patients with neurological disorders. Physiotherapy prevents further progression of neurology related issues.

Acute conditions related to neurological disorders may impact the normal lives of patients to a greater extent. In older people, Parkinson’s disease may further increase the impact of neurological disorders. Even exercises that are important to lead a healthy life may become painful and difficult for these patients. Neurological physiotherapists help patients with neurological disorders to train their bodies to restore normal activities.

Check Out – Neurosurgeon in Chennai offer neuro physiotherapy related services to help patients in the following ways:

  • Even before patients show symptoms of motor loss, physiotherapy can help them to be fit and strong. It can also help them to prevent the early onset of symptoms.
  • While patients show symptoms related to balance or stable movements, neuro physiotherapy can help patients to relearn how to sit down or rise or walk.
  • Once patients regain balance and stabilized movement, neuro physiotherapy will help them to retain their abilities and skills.

Why We Need Neurological Physiotherapy

Smiling Nurse Helping Senior Lady To Walk Around The Nursing Home

Injuries in the spinal cord, brain or the central nervous system may result in damage of cells that control body movements or loss of senses. If a patient fails to have neuro physiotherapy on time, the patient may fail to carry on with routine activities and show loss of body functions. This can lead to poor quality of life with problems related to heart or lungs, diabetes and inability to move independently.

Patients with diseases or injuries in their neurological system need neurological physiotherapy to restore their normal lives. Neuro Physiotherapists are experts who know in detail about body movements in humans. They provide treatment with a specific focus on the overall improvement of life. Specific conditions that are treated with neuro physiotherapies are traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Ataxia, Guillain Barre Syndrome, progressive neurological conditions, Polyneuropathies, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, spasticity and tone. Neurological physiotherapists evaluate and recommend utilization of wheelchairs or walkers or canes or crutches for patients with neurological disorders. They also help to improve motor control and motor planning, movement and enhanced strength of body parts. Neuro physiotherapists train patients with activities related to their routine life and help them to realign posture-related issues.

Neuro physicians in Chennai recommend neurological physiotherapists to train patients with neurological disorders to restore their core stabilization and have increased cardiovascular endurance. With their excellent physiotherapy skills, neurological physiotherapists provide training to get rid of issues related to prosthesis or orthoses. With neuro physiotherapy exercises, patients who complain of neurological disorders or spine injuries can improve their visual perceptual skills and prevent the risk of falling often.

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