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What is acupuncture and community acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an additional TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) that is effective for treatment for chronic osteoarthritis, back, shoulder, and neck pain. The treatment is provided for about eight weekly sessions and offers lasting results for the patients. It has been proven in several kinds of research. Most acupuncture treatments last for eight weeks. After the pain level is reduced the patient will be asked to come for twenty-four weeks as a follow-up. It mostly differs from one patient to another.

The acupuncture package consists of weekly acupuncture, Gua Sha, auricular acupoint stimulation, and Tui-Na massage. The patient can enjoy several benefits apart from reduced pain levels. It also helps in reducing depression levels and pain interference. Pain interference is the method of debilitating pain that influences certain aspects of life like sleep, general activities, work activities, walking, and mood.

Community acupuncture means any person can enter the clinic and get the treatment in a large room. The treatment is given to patients in a group method. Each patient would be at a different stage of the healing process. They will be treated individually according to their particular health concerns. Community acupuncture is a recommended model as the therapist can treat several patients in an hour. It is also affordable and there is no need to sacrifice the quality of treatment. The appointment can be fixed at convenient hours.

What are the advantages of community acupuncture?

  • Major advantages of acupuncture are increasing and it is the reason more and more people are coming for bi-weekly or weekly treatment for lasting results. Community acupuncture offers a sliding scale, thus regular treatments are available for almost everyone at affordable prices.
  • As the treatment is offered in an open environment, community acupuncture clinics usually provide treatment for the limbs and head. It is due to the fact that acupuncture is dependent on the Meridian theory. The energetic channels that pass along particular lines in the individual’s body, associating various areas that do not look related from the western perspective are said to be meridians. By utilizing these connections, particular points on the arms and legs can be effectively treated just like curing a stomach ache. If it involves local points, then the entire body should be set up for treatment.
  • Community acupuncture is best for patients who have experienced trauma. It will be more reassuring than the regular private acupuncture session. As the treatment will be given in an open space along with other patients, the trauma survivors would feel comfortable. No wardrobe changes will be needed.

Multiple Patients Getting Acupunture Treatment.

Private or community acupuncture: Which is right for me?

If you are wondering which is right for you, it is best to take suggestions from your acupuncture practitioner. With private acupuncture, several treatment modalities will be utilized like traditional Chinese herbs, massage, reiki, moxibustion, and cupping. Several acupuncture points will be accessed like the thighs, upper arms, back, and abdomen.

The effectiveness of community acupuncture is equal to traditional acupuncture. But in group settings, only acupuncture therapy will be applied and the practitioner will not utilize any other therapies.

Check-in: There is a lot of difference between private and community acupuncture in terms of consultation and follow up timings. The first visit for a private appointment would last for about 90 minutes. Here, the therapist would collect the personal and medical history of the patient as well as discuss the patient’s condition in brief before starting or deciding the acupuncture treatment procedure. They also spend time checking up on every follow-up appointment that is about 60 minutes. They would discuss changes and address concerns or questions before the treatment.

In the community acupuncture, the therapist would spend about an hour during the initial visit. They will explain the treatment in a separate room and start acupuncture in a group room. During every follow-up, the patient can directly enter into the large group room, check-in, and get the treatment. It will take around 45 minutes to accomplish treatment during the follow-up visits in community acupuncture.

Many people find togetherness in treatment comfortable. It offers a sense of reassurance, empathy, and camaraderie when in a group setting kind of treatment. There are chances where you can meet a new friend and get acupuncture together. In the traditional method, the procedure will be quiet, private, and solitary. If needed, they play some meditative music to relax your mood and senses.

If you think that cost is the main concern, you can choose community acupuncture. Most people select community acupuncture as it is reasonable and continue all the follow ups. There are cases in private acupuncture where the patient would stop arriving for followup just because it is expensive.

We have clearly explained the differences and the choice is yours. If needed, you can discuss it with your therapist and make the right decision.

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