A massage parlor offers therapeutic massage therapy. There are many excellent ones out there. However, it is also an establishment that solicits sexual services under the disguise of massage therapy in some cases. As a result, the government often looks down upon massage parlors. Massage parlors have been known to be fronts for prostitution and sex trafficking to provide prostitutes.The United State have established regulations to separate massages from massage parlors. Massage parlors are very popular along interstates in many states, serving lonely truck drivers and travelers. Users of such establishments should be aware of the possibility of theft and disease. Etiquette in a Massage Parlor Customers are asked to follow the rules of etiquette when using a massage parlor. Just because they are paying for the service doesn’t mean everything else should be ignored.

There are several basic rules to follow. The massage therapist should be spoken to with respect as they are professional service providers rather than personal servants. Too often customers have the theory of sexual activities going on, even if it is a legitimate massage parlor. Massage is a sensual experience that gives often leads to arousal and sexual desire. It is important to remember you are not there for sex, so do not make any sexual comments towards the therapist. You have the right to give your therapist a tip, but not in return for sexual favors. This is an illegal act in the United States. However, in Canada it is legal for money to exchange hands for sexual favors if both parties consent. Massage Clinics Massage clinics can be a safe alternative to a massage parlor. They don’t come with the same implications as a massage parlor. Massage clinics have therapists who concentrate on the areas of muscles. They only use certified massage therapists, both males and females. No tips are allowed to be given at massage clinics.

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