Making Aromatherapy Creams and Lotions 101 Natural Formulas to Revitalize and Nourish Your Skin A reader’s guide to creating exciting, inventive, and unique cosmetics and body-care products using all-natural ingredients and the power of aromatherapy. Includes an overview of aromatherapy, techniques used to extract aromatic plant materials, tips on creating unique and personal creams and lotions, and a full complement of inspirational recipes. User Ratings and Reviews 5 Stars Outstanding Book! This book is outstanding! Not only does it offer a ton of recipes for every type of cream, lotion, toner and scrub your could want, but it also gives a ton of information about the products used in them. It talks about all of the different oils, butters and items you use in them and the pros and cons of each. I have never found such a comprehensive book and use it for everything. Cannot recommend this book enough. 2 Stars Kind of a wierd book… This book is not exactly what I expected. While the author is obviously knowledgeable, the information in the book is organized in somewhat of a confusing fashion and the recipes are often complicated.

Some of the raw ingredients required are obscure and hard to find. Ultimately I think that this book would only appeal to a pretty small niche market. 4 Stars There is just one problem The book is very informative and there are many creams recipes But there are no preservatives so it is really does not so commercial… 4 Stars very informative This book is very interesting and informative. It’s an easy “how to” guide for making your own natural, organic, or homeopathic lotions, creams, and other everyday toiletry items. Every woman who cares about her skin and body should purchase this book. I think men will benefit from this book as well. The supplies are pretty basic and if you can follow directions, you should be successful. I’m very satisfied that I bought this book. Now…what can I make next? 2 Stars Very difficult to get ingredients I got this book and ‘Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair’ for Christmas and I have to say I haven’t used this book once. Nearly everything I needed for recipes in ‘Earthly bodies’ I got from the local Whole foods but with this book I stopped at the first recipes and couldn’t find one thing. I’m sure it would result in nice lotions and creams but without the ingredients I will never know. Kind of sad but at least I got the other book, which I love and really recommend.

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