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Nothing can be more relaxing than a full-body, head, or feet massage after a long tiring week. You can spend the weekend at the spa and get your regular massage, OR you can pick the massage that suits you the best from a spectrum. What if the issue is not just working stress? What if it is your lower backache, splitting headache, that stubborn knee pain, general anxiety, a heartbreak or suffering from an injury. Can massage be useful in such cases, or is it just for muscle relaxation? Can massage be therapeutic? Let us explore more on massage therapy and its types.

The Beginning Of A Rejuvenation

There are a few styles of massage therapy that are inherently used during massage sessions. Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and exotically unique shiatsu massage are used to sift the body into self-recovery tracks. Swedish massages are very common and are used in spas, gyms, clinics and wellness centres. Oil is used lavishly for rubbing on the body, and the massage therapists begin with general broad strokes and eventually concentrate on the problem areas. The different strokes that range from long smooth strokes called effleurage. The strokes that vary up to lifting, kneading and rolling are called petrissage. The friction strokes consist of wringing or small circular movements. The tapotement strokes are the percussion ones. The last vibration strokes that include shaking movements and rocking the body.

A Woman Massaging Leg of A Patient.

Sensual Therapy To Elevate The Spirituality

Aromatherapy needs no special introduction since the benefits of essential oils are known and used since medieval times. Certain oils like Lavender are used more often than others because of its relaxing effects on the mind and body. Lavender essential oil is generally suggested for people who have insomnia. Depending on your ailment, the masseuse shall use a blend of oils that suits your condition the best. However, an allergy test is recommended before massage since the oils are all plant-based.

The hot stone massage therapy uses heated stones that are flat and smooth to be placed on the body. The massage therapist makes sure that the heat from the rocks is transferred onto the body for giving the unique healing experience. Basalt rocks are used for this as they are volcanic and have very high heat retention. Therapists massage the body using the hot stones, and they are pretty relaxing at the right spots. Muscles loosen up, allowing the stress to be relieved faster.

Deeper Exploration of Massage Therapy

When you have chronic pain areas due to injury, improper posture, continuous and repetitive strain, deep tissue massage can help relieve that. Focus can be given to specific areas, and the pressure applied is generally much more than other types of massages. That being said, the process is not supposed to be painful. You can always ask the therapist to reduce the pressure if it gets sore or uncomfortable. Refer to your physician before getting massage therapy if you have heart disease, diabetes, varicose veins, or high blood pressure.

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