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It is believed from the ancient times that crystals can be used for healing the body and mind. Crystals are mainly used to achieve the natural balance required for your body. Crystal healing is used for a perfect harmony of your body and mind. It seems to be a complicated therapy that requires regular practice to master it. The following article would serve as an ideal guide for learning crystal healing for beginners.

What is Crystal Healing?

It is said that crystals possess some unique energy, colour and frequency, which can be used to create a balance to human energy. It has powers to connect with our chakras and convert negative energy into positive energy. Lack of creativity, anxiety problems and sleep disorders can very well be treated with the energetic properties of crystal stones. Crystal healing is also capable of transforming our thought patterns.

Steps In Crystal Healing

The following are some of the steps to be followed by beginners who are new to crystal healing.

Choose the Right Crystal: This is the most significant part of crystal healing. There are different crystal stones available and commonly used for healing. Choose the one which aligns to the chakra and positive energy of your body. The crystal must be ideal for your intentions and goals. Make sure to choose the right form of crystals as its spiritual and healing properties may differ based on its form. Some of the common forms of crystals are

  • Raw crystals
  • Cut Crystals
  • Tumbled Crystals

Cleaning The Crystal Stones: You must clean your crystals as it would hold some form of energies in it. Existing powers must be removed from the crystal before we make use of it for our healing process. Use saltwater for cleaning crystals. Leave your crystal in saltwater or seawater for about 24 hours. Store the crystals in a safe place.

Programming: The next step is to feed or load your intentions and goals to the crystals. This can be done by holding the crystal with your left hand. Be clear with your purpose and intentions so that you can program it effectively.

Enjoy Its Benefits: The power of the programmed crystal can be enjoyed in many ways. Some prefer to wear crystals, some keep them in their house, and some carry them in their bag. Some feel that the crystal healing works by physically touching it. It can also be used for meditation.

Recharging Your Crystals: It is good to recharge your crystals regularly for better results. Place your crystals in sunlight for nearly 24-hours, and it gets charged with positive energy. A crystal can also be charged by placing them with other crystals.

Two Smoky Quartz On Display.

Top Crystal Healing Stones-Overview

The following are some of the top crystal recommendations that can be used by beginners.

Smoky Quartz: This is a powerful quartz crystal which is mostly chosen by beginners for the very purpose of crystal healing. It possesses stabilising energy required to avoid negative feelings. It is used for detoxing your mind and getting rid of electromagnetic stress. To make your mind free and comfortable, the use of smoky quartz would be the ideal choice.

Carnelian: This is an excellent crystal to bring out the artistic talent of an individual. Carnelian crystal stimulates the second chakra of your body. It motivates you when you feel less confident in certain situations.

Citrine: This is the perfect beginner’s crystal as it reflects positive energy in your surrounding environment. This crystal would be the right choice when you have started with a new venture or a business. It is highly powerful and attracts success. One can also combat anxiety, phobias and depression with the use of Citrine.

Rose Quartz: It is a powerful crystal that amplifies romantic energy. This crystal is used for attracting your partner and strengthening your existing relationship. It can be offered as a perfect gift for a romantic partner.

Lapis Lazuli: This is a blue colour crystal which can be used in jewellery. It is a fantastic stone for boosting creativity and helps to take control of your life. It is also used for divine purposes.

Amethyst: This is a popular crystal, and it is known for vibrations at high frequency. This crystal can stimulate the 6th and 7th chakras of your body. You can very well connect with your subconscious mind with the use of amethyst crystal.

Clear Quartz: This is the most flexible crystal and can be used for any purpose. It is mainly used for its healing and energy amplification properties. It can balance all the chakras of your body.

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