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Crystal healing is an alternative to western medicine. It makes use of coloured gemstones and crystals to heal ailment and provide protection against diseases. People who practice and follow crystal healing say that the technique works because each gemstone becomes a conduit for positive energy. This energy flows into the ailing body as the negative energy, which causes the disease, flows out.

If you are new to crystal healing and don’t know anything about it, this article is for you. Those who are sceptical on how it works, we urge you to read on too. The post uncovers the hard truths about crystal healing; few take the time to dive into.

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Proponents of crystal healing succinctly put it that gemstones have qualities that facilitate healing. It is why the practice has been going on for millennia. Some historians even believe that crystal healing is as ancient as 6000 years with the first indication of it found in the time of Sumerians of Mesopotamia.

The ancients Egyptians were the first people to wear gemstones and crystals not only as adornments but also to ward off illness and negative energy. The crystals used most often then were:

  • lapis lazuli
  • carnelian
  • turquoise

More modern people believe that crystals help treat a lot of conditions because of life-energy. The concept is taken from the ancient belief in Asian cultures. The Chinese call it the chi or qi, while Buddhists and Hindus call it chakras.
In both, they are vortices of life energy that connect the physical form of the body to the supernatural. For example, the shades red through violet are representative of the seven chakras each body has. And that’s how crystals are supposed to heal.

Each Stone Works On Different Properties

Healers say that each stone or crystal has its own properties and these work on different parts of the body and ailment. For instance, amethyst is said to be the most beneficial stone for the intestines, while yellow coloured topaz is said to clear the mind of random thoughts and green aventurine works on the heart.

When a person undergoes crystal healing treatment, various colours stones are placed on their body. Each crystal is in alignment with the right chakra point, which broadly are:

  • above the head
  • on the forehead
  • on the throat
  • on the chest
  • on the stomach
  • on the gut
  • on the genital area

Which crystal is used and where it is located depends on the issue faced and the symptoms the person has. More than that, crystal healing is primarily based on the knowledge and belief of the healer on the concepts of energy imbalance and chakras.

A Transparant Crystal Stones Placed On A Cloth.

Now that you have a fair idea of how crystals work, we can move on to if there is proof that they give genuine results. Although there have been no scientific studies that demonstrate that crystal healing works, there is a valid explanation for it. It is called a placebo effect.

The placebo effect is the treatment of a condition that is not directly connected to the procedure acting on the disease. A typical example of it is giving sugar pills to an ill patient labelled as pain killers and the patient feeling relief in pain afterwards.

A lot of people believe the crystals have a placebo effect. They do cure or heal a person, but the stones are not directly responsible for it. Besides crystals, many other treatments have shown a placebo effect. That said, it should be noted that the impact is only temporary because they don’t actually cure or eradicate the condition, therefore, if you are suffering from a severe condition it is always advised to consult a healthcare practitioner.

Are Crystal Healers Certified?

To become a crystal healer, one does have to pass a certification course. But the institutes, clinics or universities that offer them need not be accredited by a centralised organisation.

Therefore, before you start taking any treatment from a healer, ask for their certifications. Check if they are recognised by the central or state government. In some cases, the healing may fall under massage therapy or bodywork. If that is the situation, then a proper license is needed to practice crystal healing.

There is some value to crystal healing. It may not work on the actual condition, but it does work on reducing stress to a limited degree. Because it can induce relaxation, it works on a lot of people. The final advice is that even if you are undergoing crystal therapy do not forgo western treatment.

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