Modern Acupunture Treatment.

Acupuncture is an ancient medical therapy practised by the Chinese. It is the use of thin needles on pressure points in your body to create a therapeutic effect. It is said that there is no scientific evidence on the results of traditional acupuncture practice. Over the years, there are several changes in acupuncture treatment currently practised. Modern acupuncture is based on the research evidence and scientific findings of researchers. The following brings out the significant differences between traditional and modern acupuncture.

Acupuncture- A Brief Introduction

Acupuncture is an age-old Chinese tradition practised for 2500 years. Chinese Emperor Huang Ti formalised this practice as part of the Traditional Chineses Medical System. This medical system promoted several health practices and physical therapies. The traditional medical practice spread to other countries like Japan, Korea, Europe, France, Austria etc.

The Ways of Traditional Acupuncture

Traditional acupuncture was believed to be the flow of Qi or Chi energy in the body. Thus traditional acupuncturists mainly focused on Qi to cure several health issues. They also followed a specific system to diagnose health problems. They chose body points with prominent Chi force and connected them with lines. It is called meridians. The use of needles stimulates the flow of Chi through the medians to the organs. This helps to achieve a balance between the organs. According to traditional acupuncture, organs are just body area, and it is not considered as a functional part of the body. Traditional acupuncture was not widely accepted by several countries as there are no research findings on the same.

Based on the results of specific research findings, there is evidence of the presence of points in the muscle that reacts more to stimulation. These are the points connected through nerves and muscles. Stimulating these points can only improve the circulation and ease out the tension. It has nothing to do with treating health issues.

Modern Acupunture Accessories Placed On A table.

Modern Acupuncture

In recent years several types of research were conducted to study the effects of traditional acupuncture. This has led to modern acupuncture. Modern acupuncture is practised only after careful diagnosis. It is entirely evidence-based.

Manual and Electro-acupuncture: There is evidence that this type of acupuncture treatment can help to manage pain caused due to various health issues. It is considered as a placebo rather than a panacea.

Neurophysiological Effects: Acupuncture offers positive effects in treating headaches, back pain and arthritis.

Effects On Brain: There are research findings on the impact of acupuncture on the brain. Acupressure can stimulate the limbic and paralimbic brain region.

Cancer Treatments: Researches prove that acupuncture can minimise the side-effects caused due to cancer treatment

The above gives a clear outlook of traditional and modern acupuncture.

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