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Should You Or Should You Not Opt For Massage Therapy?

Once you start having lower back pain, you try every treatment possible under the sun. You go to a doctor and diligently apply all his muscle relaxants. You go to a physical therapist and perform all exercises. You even visit a chiropractor to get the body back in its alignment.

Yet the pain doesn’t completely go away. So, when someone suggests massage therapy for backpain, you accept that too. As they say, a massage can’t hurt, so why not give it a try.

That’s what most people think when they give massage therapy the first try. With this article, we aim to take away the doubt, and neutral feeling people attach to massage therapy. We detail the top benefits of massage therapy and how it helps with lower back pain.

The Major Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Backpain

The first reason massage therapy helps with is improved blood circulation. Because the blood gets moving, it helps in relieving any soreness the muscles have due to strenuous physical activity.

The second benefit of massage therapy is endorphins, which are chemicals that help the body feel good. The body releases them during exercise or after the massage. An increased level of endorphins in the body is the best way to manage chronic pain effectively.

The third advantage of massage is an improved range of motion. Because the muscles get relaxed after the massage, it increases movement. Moreover, relaxation also helps with insomnia which a lot of lower back pain patients go through.

These benefits of massage are the reasons why the American Massage Therapy Association advises it to most patients with back pain.

Is Massage Therapy A Recognized Treatment?

In one word: yes. Majority of healthcare practitioners accept that, when done right, massage therapy is an excellent adjunct treatment to lower back pain. 54% of healthcare personnel agree that they would encourage their patients to try massage besides their primary treatment to help with the pain.

The reason for it is the number of researches and studies that have found that massage does aid in pain relief. One such study was held at the University of Miami’s Touch Research Institute. Conducted some time back, it concluded that massage therapy not only lessens lower back pain but also improves sleep and helps with depression and anxiety.

Furthermore, the study proved that the group with massage therapy had a better range of motion. Plus, the level of dopamine and serotonin in their bodies was higher – both are feel-good chemicals the body requires.

So, if you have been suffering from lower back pain and are ambivalent about massage therapy, here is proof that you should definitely opt for it!

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