A Woman Holding A Small Crystal Representing Crystal For Cancer Patients.

Crystals are supposed to be natural healers and have an inherent healing effect. Some crystals are as powerful as laser therapy in healing the body. They are known to amplify the power of medicines in healing the body. The chakras of the body are activated into a healing process and help the body in self-recovery. There are unique crystals that activate specific areas of the body. The seven chakras could be activated by individual crystals to start reclaiming the body. The right stone for the right chakra is essential for starting the new path of life that heals and prevents recurrence.

The first chakra is Root Chakra, also called Muladhara. Activating the root chakra could be ideal for healing from skin cancers. The second chakra is Sacral Chakra, called as Swadhisthana. This is the life force energy and activating the sacral chakra could help in soulfulness. The third chakra is Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as Manipura. Gut related cancers can be healed by activating the solar plexus chakra. Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra and treats cancer in the blood. It is also called Anahata. The fifth chakra is the throat chakra called the Vishuddha. Oral and Respiratory cancers are healed by the throat chakra. The Third-Eye Chakra is the sixth chakra, also called Ajna. The seventh chakra, Crown Chakra, also the Sahasrara. Brain related cancers are healed by the third eye and crown chakras.

The Power Of Crystals

The power of Crystal healing for cancer has been proven in Vedic texts and is still existent to this day. Use the crystals to second the medical cure; do not stop the medication. Crystals work best on bodies that are already in the path of healing and not in the degeneration phase. Cancer survivors wage war within themselves to push them out of the bottomless pit and pull them to safety. Breast cancer is so common these days that one out of eight women suffer from this pain. Rose quartz is the crystal that elevates the body from pain due to breast cancer. It is an egg-shaped crystal that can be worn on the cancerous breast. Massaging on the troubled area could prove to be relieving as well. Rose quartz is the top of heart crystals, and the pink colouring is very symbolic of its compassionate nature.

Everyone around the age of 60 is at the risk of brain tumour. Hematite is the crystal that helps recover from brain related cancers. They have potent energies to remove or relocate the tumours from within the body. Hematite empowers the mind in eradicating negative thoughts and helps the mind focus its power into healing than battling the bad vibes. The physical pain in cancer patients has been proven to be relieved by hematite usage. Amethyst has an energetic vibe towards uprooting cancer from the lungs. Smokers have a high tendency to have lung cancers, and having the amethyst along with them is the best protection one can have towards recovering from the condition. The crystal regenerates the organs towards healing and helps improve from chronic tobacco usage. Wearing an amethyst black gold ring inhibits the growth of cancerous cells in the lungs and thereby seconds in the healing. This crystal ejects tar from the lungs, rehabilitates and helps in the de-addiction.

Multiple Semi Precious Gemstones.

Stones And Extraction Of Cancers

The howlite crystal is responsible for giving superhuman strength to the bones. They help the bone marrows to get stronger by increasing vitality and thereby helping to defend from and attack against the cancerous cells. They are worn on pendants making it an easy ornament as well as a healing tool. Crown chakra is energized by the howlite crystal and thereby helping to reconnect with the spiritual realms. Cancers affecting the kidney is one of the most common cancers affecting the world population. Carnelian crystal is the stone that helps one on the healing path from kidney cancers. This crystal has proven successful in alleviating pain. Even the malignancy of the disease can be controlled by the right crystals at the right spots. Placing these crystals at lymph nodes and bladders make the body vibrate into a healing rhythm that repairs nephrons in the kidney. This stone can be made into a pendant and should be worn on the body at all times. Carnelian has the magical capability to repair the solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra and the root chakra by keeping the stone placed on the area to be improved.

Red garnet crystal has its potent healing powers against cancers in the blood. Since blood cancers spread rapidly and are the worst of them all, having the red garnet on the body is the best thing to help recovery. Along with the medication and most advanced repair therapies, a red garnet ring could help strengthen the blood vessels, purify the blood and improve circulation. Crystal users call it the blood crystal due to its restorative powers on the heart and blood. Smoky quartz is the crystal that helps heal the lower chakra disorders. It helps release negative energies that are related to cancer in the ovaries and hence help in keeping physical and mental health upright. Wearing it as a pendant or carrying it in the pant pocket heals the negativities and helps recover the reproductive tract towards a healing path. Toxins are flushed out from the ovaries and help your body to get back to good health.

The Best Gift Choices

Gifting a crystal to a loved one is the best and most considerate thing one can do as a sign of showering love. A black onyx crystal is an excellent choice to give anyone who has cancer as it is known to be protective and has guarding capabilities. Peridot is a higher stone that helps take physical and mental pain away from the person wearing it. Malachite is an imparting peace stone that helps the person reach a spiritual calm.

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